• FAQs


Can I walk instead of run?

Yes! Even though this is a timed event, we welcome all walkers and non-runners.

Can we bring strollers and/or baby joggers?

Sure! But we do ask that you start toward the back so as not to impede the other runners.

Are kids welcome? And do we have to pay for them?

Yes! Kids are welcome. If they want a time and/or a shirt, you do have to pay for them.

Are headphones allowed?

Yes. Please be mindful of those around you and be able to hear any emergency announcements.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes! Please be mindful of those around you.

Can I switch from in person to virtual?

Yes, however, the same guidelines and time frames apply to virtual races as in person races. That information can be found here.

Will there be an indoor facility?

Participants will be able to go inside Lakefront Brewery which is heated.